Monday, April 23, 2012

Goodbye Weekend-Hello Monday!

I think I came out of this weekend pretty unscathed- I seemed to keep somewhat occupied, which helped with my eating habits. I worked out kinda late Friday- about 7:00, doing some jog/walk intervals on the treadmill. It ended up being almost 10:30 before I got to bed (which is actually late for me, even on weekends), but I woke up at 3:30. I never did go back to sleep. My brain was just wide awake, even though my body was still tired. About 4:30 I gave up, made my coffee, got up, and started to catch up on some of my tv shows via Hulu. I wasn't too motivated to go workout, but I did go around 11, and ended up having a really good run. Part of it was b/c I had made a 2nd pot of coffee around 10, b/c the caffeine I had had at 5 a.m. was starting to wear off! I was going to do walk/jog intervals, but I had enough caffeine in my system that I was able to jog at 4.6 for 25 minutes!! Later that afternoon I had a much needed pedicure, and went to Target. I was rather proud of myself, b/c I bought a piece of cake, and then ended up only eating half of it. I threw the other half away. But it wasn't really in the best mentality, b/c the more I was eating, the more guilty I felt. And I know that if I would have eaten the whole entire thing, I would have felt incredibly guilty. I didn't stop b/c I was full. I could have eaten the whole thing. I stopped out of guilt. Some days I wouldn't have cared. I would have just kept on going, but at that moment I stopped.
I slept later on Sunday-- 6:45 (LOL), and was almost in the attitude to skip church, but I went, and I'm really glad that I did. I really like this church that I'm going to, even though I haven't met anyone yet. With it being a pretty big church, there just really isn't the moments talk with people. The service was over by 10:30, so I actually went to Wal-mart to look for some leggings. Normally I would have gone to Target, but Wal-mart was closer (b/c I had forgotten them on Saturday). By the time I got home, it was close to noon, but I decided to make some steel-cut oats for my lunch, so I was actually pretty productive with doing laundry and cleaning, while I was waiting for them to get done. Saturday I bought some strawberries and blackberries that were on sale, so I added them to my oats and a little Better N PB and Voila~~ I had a pretty good dish.
The Nascar race was over pretty early, so by 3:45 I went to the gym and worked out. I wasn't so lucky this time to be able to run consistently. I did 4 minute intervals with walking-- 60 sec walk at 4.3 and 4 min jog at 4.6. I did 35 minutes of it, then did 15 min on the elliptical, and 15 min on the stationary bike.
So, that was a recap of my weekend. Overall, I actually feel pretty good. Partially, b/c I didn't binge eat, though I did eat a bit in excess.
On a side note-- I desperately need to cut caffeine out of my diet, and was going to try going without it today, but as I sit here typing, I'm sipping my coffee. I'm not stubborn or anything. LOL  It's not necessarily, b/c of nutrition, but b/c it makes me go to the bathroom way too stinkin much!! It has gotten to the point where it's embarrassing to have to go so much. Saturday I was at my pedicure, and I made the mistake of having the coffee in the morning and then a Zevia with my lunch. With having that much of caffeine, I had to go 3 times in the time I was there! Sunday all I had had was my coffee, and then at church I had to leave twice to go during the service. I think the longer I'm drinking caffeine, the less I'm able to "hold it in." I should just go to one cup in the morning, instead of eliminating it all together first, and I even had a smaller coffee cup out this morning. But at the last minute I took my regular one, which holds the 4 cups (or 2 sized coffee mugs). Well, maybe it'll help if I drink it really slow...
Two more days of State Testing this week. I get to stay at one school all day today and tomorrow. Yay for that! I applied for 3 Academic Advising positions at an Omaha metro college yesterday. The listing said they won't do interviews for 3 weeks. It's so frustrating, b/c I don't have any experience in higher education, and I'm not sure how much of a chance I have for getting the job, b/c I don't have the experience. But it's up to God if he wants me to have it.

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